Nexusing Water, Energy and Food to Increase Resilience in the Cape Town Metropolitan Area

Musedzaphanda Phophi Khalushi

Master’s student at Institute for Social Development at University of Western Cape
Khalushi Musedzaphanda Phophi is a masters student at the University of Western Cape. Her previous research has focused on issues related to the provision of service delivery and the issue pf waste management. She obtained her BA degree in Development studies from the University of Venda, and her Honours in Development Studies at the University of Western Cape. Currently she is a registered Masters student in the Institute of Social Development (ISD). Her research interests are based on promoting sustainable resource use and taking into account the role that these resources have for both current and future generations.

Her current research project is an empirical study that analyses the interconnections between Urban agriculture and the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. This study seeks to promote an understanding of the magnitude of the interconnections and interdependency of WEF nexus in the context of UA.