Nexusing Water, Energy and Food to Increase Resilience in the Cape Town Metropolitan Area


The project takes a multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate cross-domain dialogues for mutual learning and awareness raising of complex nexusing practices in policy-oriented debates on resilience. The research results will be generated co-productively through collaboration with key stakeholders working on goals of coordinated cross-domain governance and transformative resilience capacity (EDP, Cape Town Resilience Unit, ICLEI).

Research in close collaboration with stakeholders allows for innovation in grasping policy-oriented WEF nexus challenges, for developing relevant recommendations/guidelines, as well as for facilitating and speeding-up the changing of their institutional practices through shared learning and the adaptation of existing toolkits (Resilience Partnering Toolkit, Resilience Capacity Assessment, Section 80 Water Resilience Advisory Committee).

The aim is to generate systems knowledge, targeted knowledge, and transformative knowledge through:

  • Co-creation of knowledge with WEF practitioners and academia
  • Multi-sectoral approach that aims to shift sectoral engagements to integrated governance of WEF interactions
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate cross-sectoral dialogues for mutual learning and awareness-raising of integrated governance of WEF domains